kids protection kit: table corner+drawer lock+electric socket cover

by:DIgao     2020-06-30
Case for children: my baby\'s strongest desk corner drawer lock seat cover!
Let your children play to their fullest!
Ah, I\'m relieved now.
I can rest assured when my little girl walks around the house without worry.
With the children\'s condom pieces: the corner of the desk where the drawer locks the seat cover, my concern is right in front of me.
I\'m sure if you\'re reading this, you must be a mom yourself, or meet some toddlers like me.
I will tell you what motivates me to protect my house with the children\'s safety kit.
Believe me, my story will help you sooner or later!
We watched the most interesting family video on TV last night. V.
The show has some funny videos about people being clumsy, stupid and simple and ignorant.
One of the clips, however, is about interesting children\'s videos.
It\'s really interesting to have a few clips.
But after a while, the child of the elementary school step fell down, hit the object, accidentally injured, and looked a little uncomfortable.
In some cases, when babies get hurt, they just have fun at home or walk around.
Elsewhere, having sharp unprotected corners and objects in the child\'s activity area is a parent\'s folly.
So, as any mom would react, the video made me say, \"Oh, ah, ouch! !
\"I have a baby for a year and a half.
Just like every lovely toddler running around in diapers and having fun, she\'s always moving.
I can\'t let her sit in one place.
I like to have her in front of my eyes when I\'m cooking or doing odd jobs.
While we have renovated most of the House to make sure nothing hurts my children, there is nothing we can do about tables, drawers and low sockets.
My child is very curious.
Therefore, the best thing to do is to protect all these sharp corners, edges and sockets with a child condom piece.
Remember how we hit ourselves blue when we accidentally hit the corner of the table?
I don\'t want my kids to face the same thing.
So soft, transparent, no.
Toxic desk corner protection I have made sure of bad tables or anything sharp
Objects that go nowhere will not hurt my children.
Drawer locks prevent damage caused by cabinets, drawers, wardrobes or other dangerous items.
The electric socket lock kept my child from poking her curious little fingers into those dangerous holes.
Now my kids can run around, kick, shoot, play, rock and have fun at home.
Mom, don\'t worry, baby, don\'t stop. We\'re all happy. happy!
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