keyless door locks - what do you have??

by:DIgao     2020-05-28
Someone doesn\'t have a key lock or keyboard, do you have daycare parents come in with it? ? ?
Regs said my door had to be locked all the time.
The daycare center will be moved to the basement in a few weeks and I can see that this becomes a pick-up issue as now I have to open the door to get my parents in.
This means taking all the kids upstairs to get off/pick up with me.
We do have a keyless door lock on our current front door.
DH and I have discussed and we think we can give the dc family code so they can come in and I can see them on the stairs.
I was a little nervous about getting other people into our house.
But because I have only two families (
I hope it will be 3 soon)
I think it might be possible.
I feel very comfortable with my current family.
But is this convenience worth taking risks? ? ? ?
I would put a chain/extra latch or something like that on the door, so at night no one could get in when we were out. WWYD? ?
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