how to restore brass hardware

by:DIgao     2020-06-23
Metal door hardware, especially found in old houses, can retain the bronze color for many years and even cover several layers of paint.
With the help of the slow cooker, water and soap, the lumps were made
The paint can be easily removed to restore the original details of a home to the character.
This method is suitable for a wide range of brass and metal hardware, from door handles to panels and hinges, locks and door rings.
When using hardware that contains several layers of paint, it is very likely that it contains lead-
If the date of the work is before 1980, it is the base paint.
When working around these materials to expose paint, it is important to use caution and wear protective gear such as gloves and masks.
First locate the screw, then gently scrape the paint around and in the center, hold it with a screwdriver and remove the brass hardware from the door.
If the hardware is stuck on the door after removing the screw, gently loosen it using a screwdriver and pry it open using one of the screw hole openings.
Put the hardware in a slow cooker and add water to cover at least 1 inch of the metal pieces.
Add healthy dish soap (about 1/4 cup).
Turn the cooker low
Heat the settings, cover the lid and let the metal sheet soak for 6 to 10 hours or overnight.
Heated water and soap can slowly soften the paint, making it easy to peel off the original brass metal sheet.
Turn off the slow cooker, wear protective gloves, and carefully remove the metal hardware.
The paint should be easily stripped from the original work.
Rub any detailed cracks with a gloved hand and use tweezers to use any paint for smaller, tough-to-reach places.
If a small amount of paint remains, soak for another hour before peeling off.
Rinse and dry the sheet metal.
To deal with water that may be contaminated with lead, first filter through a cloth filter, such as a cheese cloth, before dumping into a sanitary sewer or toilet.
For a limited number of filtered pieces, double
Pack and dispose of household garbage.
If you are happy with the antique and aging look of the hardware, you can reinstall the plate to the door.
To get more gloss, use a brass polish to release more original gloss.
Buff and polished brass hardware until finished as you like.
Carefully screw the cleaned hardware back to the door.
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