house wine gets its own room; and what a room! from big-screen tv\'s to tuscan hardware, cellars are getting grander

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Bill slocummay said he remembered that city restaurants were 2000 of his total customers at the time, and Fred tregarkis lived by building wine cellars.
It was in early 1990s.
Now, the West Cornwall contractor is more likely to find work in private homes in Fairfield and Westchester County. Mr.
The owner of the New England wine cellar, Terry gaskis, said he built about 40 wine cellars last year, the biggest year he has ever had.
Design Build Consultants, a Greenwich wine cellar builder, also said last year was the biggest year.
\"In the new building, the wine cellar has been popular . \"Tregaskis said.
\"I have built several wine cellars in beautiful houses and the client is not an avid wine collector, but I feel that their home is not complete unless there is a wine cellar.
\"Or there\'s a wide cellar --
Like some people, screen TV or spiral stairs.
The cellars also feature mood lighting, secret paneling entrances and antique decor gadgets.
They want hands.
The fake hardware on their door and the old-
\"Old-fashioned lighting \". Tregaskis said.
They often want the medieval Italian flavor of Tuscany.
I hear the word all the time.
\"In the United States, the cost and demand for fine wines have reached an unprecedented level, a record $18, according to the advertising campaign.
1 billion of the wines sold in 1999, having a safe place to store at home has become a high priority for some.
AD Adam Steem, chairman of wine lovers
Accessories catalog in Hawthorne, NYY.
The company said its custom cellar sales rose from 234 in 1998 to 397 last year.
In the first quarter of this year, he said demand was more than double that of this time last year.
Christine Hawley of Manhattan, who designed wine cellars in Greenwich and Hampton, said the strong economy has a lot to do with it.
\"The economy has been good and people already have as many cars as possible and as many houses as possible,\" she said. Hawley said.
\"One of the things that people have not experienced is the latest fun left, that is, the wine cellar.
\"Not long ago, there was once a cellar that was considered a shelf under the stairs of the basement.
But today, this trend is more in line with Tony sanfeibo\'s home wine cellar in West Port, which is a 10-by-12-
Walking space with tasting tables, a tumbling-
Marble floors and stained glass are cut into chandeliers of vines.
\"It\'s kind of like in the eyes of the onlookers, but it does give me joy,\" Mr.
Said Sanfilippo.
The construction cost of this basement that can accommodate nearly 2,000 bottles is about $50,000.
Matt Kramer, a columnist for wine Observer magazine and author of the wine-making book series, said the increase in wine cellars was related to an increase in interest in drinking.
\"The more people who participate in wine, the more they realize that storage is important,\" he said . \".
Paul Wyatt is a designer who runs a boutique wine rack and wine cellar company in San Carlos, California.
The company supplies wine cellars across the country, and the company says the greater New York area is one of the six regions with the strongest wine cellar market in the United States.
Sales are rising every year, he said.
\"On a regular basis, I was too busy to see clearly, so I raised the price and the sales volume increased again.
\"Evan Goldenberg, an ad for design and construction consultants, attributed strong demand to the rise in the stock market. Mr.
Sanfilippo is executive vice president, Knight/Trimark Group brokerage, Jersey City, New JerseyJ. , and among Mr.
Goldenberg\'s other clients have many similar connections with the financial community.
Drive through the circular hills of Greenwich with Mr.
When he points out the various streets and calculates how many wine cellars he has built on each street, Gordon Berg may become monotonous.
Lawrence, managing director of Goldman Sachs?
Goldenberg is building a basement with 5,000.
Bottle in his Greenwich House.
He declined to disclose the price, but said it provided \"flexibility\" to choose wine on the right occasion \".
\"It\'s not that complicated for me,\" he said . \"
\"It\'s a very interesting thing, a real social thing.
It\'s great to be able to share your passion with family and friends.
\"William drikol, a forest --
The product industry director is located on the banks of Greenwich, with a 1,700-Bottle capacity.
It is no exaggeration to say that a large wall Rock came out of the floor
He said the cellar was \"very comfortable\" due to the increased humidity, the Delhi Cole Award \".
\"At the end of a busy day, I just went in and closed myself up many times,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s like going back to the womb.
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The cellar also means sir.
Delhi Cole is not in a hurry to drink his best bottle.
\"In the late 80 s and early 90 s, you were forced to drink California taxis too early because you didn\'t have room to store them,\" he said . \". Some higher-
The end customer wants a delicate cabinet, not a shelf for the bottle, which creates
Goldenberg called it the wine library \".
He says his projects tend to be expensive, largely because he works with refrigeration equipment with complex temperatures --
Sensitive alarm system and low
Electronic voltage control.
\"Things really started to improve in 1996,\" he said . \"
\"The project is between $25,000 and $35,000.
Then they quickly reached the range of $45,000 to $55,000.
I will have the client call me to say they have moved and need a new cellar.
I will have other clients tell me that they are running out of space and need another wine cellar.
\"Advertising perhaps the most unusual wine cellar in Connecticut is the commercial wine cellar that Jed and Ami Benedict created in Stafford.
It was a former bomb shelter built during the Cold War.
Kept by Hartford bank and insurance company.
It comes with 12-
Safety gate for diesel generator ton steel, 3,000-
Gallon tank and rear escape cabin.
These decrees sell themselves to restaurants, liquor shops and private collectors willing to rent wine storage space in 100,000square-
Now it\'s called Maling wine cellar.
Because the basement is 15 feet underground, naturally cool and vibrating.
Benedicts believes that wine storage is a natural choice.
Also, when it comes to long-
Women, term commercial wine storage
Benedict XVI said: \"There is nothing else in New England. \'\'Mr.
Benedict XVI added: \"This was built in 1962 for $330,000.
Now, if you want to do it all, the cost will be $2 million to $3 million.
The walls, the ceiling and the floor are both-
Thick steel feet-
Reinforced concrete
\"The restaurant has not signed up so far, but Maling has found private collectors from Greenwich, Glastonbury and Avon.
For others, the cellar can certainly be a channel for exploring personal passion, but it\'s a wise investment.
\"They are a very popular project right now,\" said David Ogi, who owns a real estate company in Greenwich . \".
\"The condition and the master bedroom are the things that sell the house, but the wine cellar is a very good cake.
The wine cellar can be rewarded in other ways.
David Koch is the executive vice president of Wichita Koch Industries, Kansas.
His South HamptonY.
The basement was designed by a lady.
Hawley noted that since he bought wine 10 years ago, the value of many of the wines he has stored has risen three or four times.
\"I might get enough money from these bottles to justify the original cost of the basement,\" he said . \".
Michael Davis, head of North American wine division at Sotheby\'s International, said: \"A lot of people keep wine as an investment and they do a pretty good job.
What I see is the ideal cycle for collecting wines.
As the wine matures, people will trim the wine cellar.
The basement can become its own.
Funding in this way, when they reach maturity, choose something and reinvest in young wines.
Private collectors say this Economics makes sense.
David petovitz, an investment consultant at Bedford, said: \"All you have to do is look at the auction world . \"Y. , with a 5,000-
Mr. cellar
Goldenberg was built for $75,000.
\"The best wines are now very expensive due to supply and demand curves.
You have to look for supplies that will only come from people who store wine. \'\'Ms.
Holly says she thinks collecting wine is more than just about drinking or investing.
In this world, people can become \"connoisseurs of life \".
\"When you start building a cellar, a lot of things have changed in your life,\" she said . \".
\"You want to spend your holiday in wine country.
You started the wine auction.
Your friends will change because you pay more attention to people who like wine.
Your eating habits change because the food you want is the same as your wine.
Like having a baby.
I see people become so energetic and focused.
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What a room! From Big-
The screen TV of Tuscan hardware, the wine cellar is getting bigger and bigger.
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