hilton will roll out iphone door locks by 2016. no key? no problem.

by:DIgao     2020-06-25
Think of smartphones as the killer of all the old technologies.
Put one in your hand, and suddenly, see the digital camera again.
Mp3 player for such a long time (or Walkman! ).
Goodbye, Freddy.
Paper map.
Now, the Hilton hotel has made a leap forward by turning the iPhone into a hotel room key. [
Image Source: Canadian reviewer
Through its HHonors application (free for iOS)
Hilton aims to give guests \"unprecedented choice and control\" in all aspects of their stay \"; from check-in to check-out.
Guests can extract the floor plan, preview the room, and select the exact room they want to book.
Guests can also submit requests and purchase upgrades using the same app.
While most hotels do take into account the requirements of the room, it might be very good to be able to choose the exact room you want --
What you received was indeed-if you had stayed in the same room before and liked it, you could choose it again.
The hotel giant will also be equipped with smartphones for its rooms --
The lock is enabled to allow guests to completely bypass the front desk, go directly to their room upon arrival, and use the code sent to their mobile phone when booking confirmation.
Hilton HHonors app for IOS [Source: iTunes]
Lost my hotel room key once.
I also lost the small cardboard folder where it was located, with the name and address of the hotel printed on it and my room number.
After finding the card without fruit, I reported the loss to the front desk of the hotel where I stayed, only to be told that without the physical card itself, the code in the card could not be canceled.
They gave me a replacement card and I was awake all night wondering if the axe killer would open my room door with my lost key card.
Hilton uses a smartphone as a room key and guests may not be likely to face the same situation-the smartphone is less likely to be lost, misplaced and forgotten, plus, in the event of theft, most can be turned off remotely using the IMEI number.
Hilton HHonors app for IOS [Source: iTunes]
In addition, thanks to Apple\'s killer, thieves turned to Samsung phones. However, we still want to know how this novel technology works.
Most likely, it will take advantage of the iPhone\'s Bluetooth feature to connect the door lock, and guests may need to enter a digital code to unlock the door lock, similar to unlocking the lock screen of the phone.
Hilton has equipped its 4,200 hotels with digital locks by 2016, hoping to surpass rivals such as Marriott and Continental.
While this can take a while-changing the lock on all of these properties is time --consuming work!
-This undoubtedly makes Hilton the first hotel chain to actively take advantage of its growing high technology, ahead of other hotels
Savvy clients and simplified checks
Along the way.
Of course, security is a concern, and the hackability of the technology.
While everything is cracked, we are still waiting to see if Hilton is experiencing any bumps in the new system and how to satisfactorily address them.
Or how the technology will develop once your smartphone runs out of juice.
For those of us who can\'t afford to check in and out of the Hilton Willie --
Don\'t be afraid, Nili!
You can now have a keyless front door to your home.
At the same time, I support the ability to reach the hotel, check-
In my room, no need to deal with the tired front desk staff. Also Read: [Awesome]
The hotel WiFi test allows you to view the WiFi speed of hotels around the world!
The Hilton Post will launch the 2016 iPhone door lock. No Key? No Problem.
First appeared on the Vulcan Post.
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