here\'s what the candidates said during thursday\'s dramatic democratic presidential debate

by:DIgao     2020-06-28
On Thursday, 10 Democrats faced dramatic challenges on the second night of 2020 Democratic debates in Miami. Front-
Runner-up and former Vice President Joe Biden stand in the middle of the stage
Candidate Profile including Vermont Sen.
Senator Bernie Sanders of California
Kamala Harris and South Bend.
Mayor Pete butigeg.
The most striking moment of the night could be said to be Harris\'s confrontation with Biden over his busing plan against the apartheid school merger, noting the impact of the issue on her personal childhood.
The showdown took place one night after the debate with Sen began.
Elizabeth Warren, Julian Castro, Sen.
Corey Booker and others.
Here is the full record of the second night of the first 2020 Democratic debate. Sen.
Sanders got the first question.
About taxesHOLT: Good evening, again.
Welcome candidates and enthusiastic audiences tonight at the Arsht Center and across the United States.
Tonight, we continue to have a heated debate about the future of the country, how to solve our most pressing problems and how to solve the biggest problems in this Democratic primary election.
What we\'re going to talk about tonight is health care and immigration.
We will also go deep into the economic, employment, climate change and other areas. DIAZ-
BALART: as a quick road rule before we start, they may sound familiar with 20 candidates who are eligible for the first debate.
As we said, we received 10 letters last night and 10 more tonight.
The fault was randomly selected for each night.
The candidate will have 60 seconds to answer and then 30 seconds to answerups.
Holt: because the candidate\'s field is large, not everyone is able to get involved on every topic, but in the next two hours we will hear from everyone.
Gersley: We love our audience, but we want them to keep their response to a minimum and we don\'t stop making sure the candidates stick to the time.
So, as this business evolves, let\'s get started and we will start today with Senator Sanders.
Good evening.
You have called for new government benefits like universal health care and free universities.
In a recent interview, you said you suspect that Americans will pay more taxes for such things.
My question to you is, will the taxes on the middle class of the Sanders administration increase?
If so, how do you sell to voters?
Saunders: Well, you\'re right.
We have a new vision for the United States, when there are three people in this country who have more wealth than the lower half of the United States, although today there are 500,000 people sleeping on the street, but we think it\'s time to change, really.
I mean, in my opinion, health care is a human right and we have to pass health insurance for all single peoplepayer system.
By the way, under this system, the vast majority of people in this country will pay much less for medical care than they do now.
I think education is the future of this country and that\'s why I think we have to make the tuition fees for public universities
Free and eliminate student debt, we do this by taxing Wall Street.
Every suggestion I make is paid in full.
Gersley: Senator Sanders, I\'m giving you 10 seconds just to ask a very direct question-will you raise taxes on the middle class in the Sanders government to answer that question?
Sanders: people who provide health care to all under medical insurance will not have insurance premiums, deductibleof-Pocket money.
Yes, they will pay more taxes for what they get, but less medical fees.
Thank you, Senator.
Senator Sanders-Gersley: Senator Bennett, we\'re going to talk to everyone.
Biden: What I want to say is that Biden solved the problem of income inequality.
As you know, Vice President Joe Biden Senator Sanders has been calling for revolution.
Recently, when you talk about income inequality in this country, you say to a group of rich donors that we should not quote demonizing the rich.
You say no one is going to be punished, no one\'s living standards will change, nothing will change fundamentally.
What do you mean?
I mean, Donald Trump thinks Wall Street makes America.
Average medium
The American Class established the United States.
My dad used to have a look and he said Joe\'s job was more than just a salary;
It\'s about your dignity, it\'s about respect, it\'s about being able to look your child in the eye and say everything will be fine.
Under the proposal, too many middle-class and poor people have fallen to the bottom.
What I want to say is that we have to be straight.
We have to make sure we understand that to restore dignity to the middle class, they have to be insured and they can afford it.
They have to make sure we (INAUDIBLE)
In the case of continuing education, they are able to pay for it, they have to make sure that they are able to breathe clean air and that they have water and they can drink.
Look, Donald Trump has put us in a terrible situation.
We do have a huge income inequality and I sincerely agree that one thing can be cut by $1 significantly.
With a 6 trillion tax loophole, I\'m going to work on removing Donald Trump\'s tax cut for the rich.
Vice President Biden, thank you. Sen.
With regard to whether the candidates should explain how to pay for their proposal, Senator Harris had a lot of discussion in this primary about the cancellation of new government benefits such as student loans, free universities, health care, etc.
Do you think it is up to Democrats to explain how they will pay for each proposal?
Okay, one thing I can tell you.
I-I hear about the issue, but if it\'s a tax cut bill passed by Republicans and Donald Trump, it\'s good for the top 1%-
The country\'s largest company has contributed at least $1 trillion to U. S. Debt.
Class families will pay in one way or another.
Working families need support and promotion. Frankly, this economy is not the economy of working or working people.
For a long time, these rules have been written for those who work the most, not for those who work the most, which is why I propose that we change the tax law, for each family with an annual income of less than $100,000, they will receive a tax credit that they can charge, up to $500 a month, which will enable these families to spend the end of the month with dignity, whether supported or not, it is different.
On the first day, I will repeal this tax bill, which will benefit the top 1% companies in the United States.
The candidate\'s question about \"socialism\" was asked: Senator Harris, thank you.
Governor hikenroper, let me tell you this.
As you said, you have warned that Democrats will fail in 2020 if they accept socialism.
When you say that, you were booed at the California Democratic Convention.
On this stage, only one candidate, Senator Sanders, considered himself a democratic socialist.
What do you think is the policy or position of your opponent turning to a socialist: Well, I think the bottom line is, if we don\'t clearly define that we\'re not a socialist, republicans will do everything they can to attack us and call us Socialist.
If you look at the Green New Deal, I appreciate its sense of urgency and its importance to climate change, I\'m a scientist, but if you want universal health insurance, we cannot commit to the work of the government to every American.
I believe health care is a right, not a privilege, but you can\'t expect to cancel private insurance for 0. 18 billion people, many of whom do not want to give up.
In Colorado, we bring together businesses and non-profit organizations.
We are close to universal health insurance.
We are the first state in the United States to actively respond to methane emissions by the environmental community and the oil and gas industry.
We are also the first place to expand reproductive rights, and we have reduced teenage pregnancy by 54%.
We have done things that people say can\'t make progress.
I have done what almost everyone here is talking about.
Thank you, Governor.
Senator Sanders-I give you a chance-weigh here.
How do you react to those who say the nomination of a-a Socialist Party will re-elect Donald Trump?
SANDERS: Well, I think the response I see in the polls is 10 percentage points ahead of Donald Trump because the American people understand that Trump is fake, trump is a sick liar and racist and then he lied to the American people during the campaign.
He said he would stand up for working families.
Well, President Trump, when you\'re trying to get 32 million people to give up the health care they have, you\'re not standing up to support working families, and your 83% tax benefit goes to the top 1%.
That\'s how we are.
We expose his fraud.
Gilebland: answer-gainly:-Senator gilebland:-I want to talk about it-gainly:-Senator gilebland, 30 seconds.
I don\'t agree with them.
The debate we are having now in the party is confusing because the fact is that there is a big difference between capitalism and greed.
So all we\'re trying to change is that companies care more about profits when they care about people.
So, if you\'re talking about ending gun violence, the greed of NRA and gun manufacturers makes any progress impossible.
When we want to treat health care as a right and not a privilege, it is the greed of insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies.
Guthrie: Senator gilblean:-So, maybe-gerthrie:-Thank you-gilblean:-Don\'t be in the party for the fact that we want healthy capitalism
Thank you, Senator.
We don\'t want corrupt capitalism-Gersley:-Thank you.
I want to be fair to all candidates-GILLIBRAND:-that\'s the definition of greed.
Thank you. Thank you.
Senator Bennett-you said, \"it is possible to write policy proposals that are not based in reality.
Why don\'t you call them candy?
\"When you say that, are you referring to any candidate or proposal?
Bennett: Did you give it to me?
Yes, that\'s what you said.
Well, thank you.
Sounds like me. Thank you.
It\'s you.
I appreciate it.
Well, GILLIBRAND:-definitely not me-BENNET:-First of all, I totally agree with Bernie as to what is the fundamental challenge we face as a nation, 90% of Americans have no economic growth for 40 years.
Top 160 families.
1% of people have the same wealth as 90% of the bottom, and we have the worst income inequality since 100.
What I don\'t agree with is his solution to health insurance for all.
What we need to do, you know, is that I-I has come up with universal health care. It is a right.
Health care is a right.
We need to go to a personal health care center.
I believe the way to do this is to complete our work starting with Obamacare and create a public choice that every family and everyone in the United States can make, for their families, it\'s an option, about whether they want a public option, it\'s like having universal health insurance for them, or if they want to keep private insurance.
I believe we will get there sooner if we do so.
Bennett: If I can finish-Bernie mentioned the tax we have to pay due to Vermont\'s refusal of health insurance for all.
Bennett: in Bernie\'s bill, in Bernie\'s bill, I wrote-Gross: Senator, we\'re going to talk about health care in detail, but at the moment my colleague, Jill, in Senator Sanders\'s bill, I wrote this section in Senator Sanders\'s bill, the transition to merge what the two senators have said. HOLT: Senator.
GILLIBRAND: The fact is that if you have a purchase in four or five years, you will move us to a single payer more quickly.
We will deal with it, Senator.
We will solve this problem.
Bennett: Can I-can I say-but what is Tiggi for that he doesn\'t support free college? Diaz Barat: Before we do this, I want to send it to butigegBUTTIGIEG: (UNTRANSLATED)DIAZ BALART: (UNTRANSLATED)
Many colleagues on the stage support free universities. You do not. Why not? Of course.
So the affordability of the university is personal to us.
I have six student debts with Chasten.
I believe in reducing student debt.
It is logical for me that if you can refinance your house, you should be able to refinance your student debt.
I also believe that the cost of a free university can be an obstacle for low-and middle-income students.
I just don\'t believe it makes sense to ask working-class families to subsidize billionaire children.
I think the children of the richest Americans can pay at least a bit of tuition.
When I want it
I don\'t think we can buy every penny for it.
Now, there are other things that have not been talked about in the university affordability debate.
Yes, it needs to be more affordable to go to university in this country.
In this country, it needs to be more affordable to go to college.
You should be able to live well, pay rent and be generous to your children --(INAUDIBLE)
Whether you go to college or not, little league.
This is one of the many reasons why we need to raise the minimum wage to at least $15. 00 an hour. Rep.
Svalville talked to Biden about changes for generations, and Yang explained his economic plan: I also have $100,000 in student loan debt myself.
I tell you-if I count on people who have been working in government for the last 30 years, when this issue is created, they will be the next generation of people who solve it, 40 million of us cannot form a family.
Can\'t accept a good idea, can\'t start a business, can\'t buy our first house.
This generation will be able to solve student loan debt.
This generation is ready for leadership. Mr. Diaz Bharat. –Mr.
Yang, your signature policy is to give $1,000 a month to every adult in the United States, no problem.
Yang: That\'s right.
Diaz Barat: I think it\'s about $3.
2 trillion a year.
What will you do? Yang: Sorry?
Diaz Bharat: Oh, so if you have companies like Amazon, trillion-dollar tech companies actually pay a tax of 0 when they close our 30% stores, it\'s hard to do that
Now, we need to enable the American people to benefit from all these innovations in other areas of the economy.
If our VAT is even half the European level, it will generate more than 800 billion of the new revenue, plus the money in our hands, it will be the trickle economy of our people, we will spend our money in our regional economies and communities, creating millions of jobs and making our families stronger and healthier.
We will save money in terms of imprisonment, homeless services, emergency room health care, etc, and the value gains from having a stronger, healthier, and mentally healthier population will increase GDP by $700 billion.
This is the action we have to take, especially with technology now automating the work of millions of Americans, why is Donald Trump our president today, we \'ve automated 0. 4 billion manufacturing jobs in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, and we\'re going to do the same for millions of retail jobs, across the economy, call center jobs, fast food jobs, truck driving jobs, and more.
Diaz Bharat: So, I got to know more about you.
So, are you saying people over the age of 18 are $1,000 a month, but are paying VAT so you can spend $1000 on VAT?
Yang: Well, VAT will eventually increase-you will still increase the purchasing power of 94% of Americans.
In order to eat $12,000 per person per year, you have to spend a lot of money on a mild VAT.
So for ordinary families with two or three adults, it costs $24 to $36,000 a year. Situation in DIAZ: OK.
So, Congressman Swalwell, I want to talk about it.
Yang said, you mentioned just now that many Americans are worried about things like me.
Driving cars, robots, drones, and artificial intelligence will cost them jobs.
How will you help people get the skills they need to adapt to this new world?
SWALWELL: we must always be a country where technology creates more jobs than SWALWELL.
I have seen the anxiety of the entire US manufacturing industry from 1,000 to 100 to 1.
Therefore, we must modernize our school, attach importance to the teachers who prepare for our children, and waive the student debt of any teachers who enter the community that needs it.
Investing in communities in the United States, especially those that export best are those who leave in order to acquire skills.
But Jose, when I was six, a presidential candidate came to the Democratic convention in California and said it was time to pass the torch on to a new generation of Americans.
The candidate was then Senator Joe Biden.
Joe Biden said it was time to pass the torch on to a new generation of Americans 32 years ago and he was right.
He\'s right today.
If we want to solve the problem of Automation (PH)
Relay the torch.
If we are going to solve the problem of climate chaos, please pass the torch.
If we want to solve the problem of student loan debt, pass the torch.
If we are going to end gun violence in families who are afraid of sending their children to school, pass the torch. DIAZ-
Would you like to sing a torch song, deputy president? BIDEN: I would.
I\'m still sticking to that torch.
I want to tell you, look, the fact is that what we have to do is make sure everyone is better prepared to continue their education.
The truth is, that\'s why I suggest we focus on schools in distress.
That\'s why I think we should double the amount of money we spend on level 1 schools.
That\'s why I think we should have a general pre-K.
That\'s why I think everyone who graduated from high school-65 out of 100 now needs something outside of high school and we should provide them with education.
That\'s why there should be free community colleges that cut university fees by half.
That\'s why we should be in a situation where when students go out, we don\'t have people who have to pay their debts back and they earn less than $25,000 a year.
Their debt is frozen.
No interest was paid until they went above that.
We can\'t put people in a position where they can\'t move on.
So, guys, we can do a lot of things, but we have to provide continuing education for everyone so that everyone can compete in the 21st century.
We don\'t do that now. DIAZ-Senator. Senator.
But as the youngest-as the youngest person on the stage, I feel that I should contribute to this generation.
Gilboran: the man before Sanders: as part of Joe\'s generation-gilboran:-I\'m in favor of-boutigi:-I\'m in favor of-gilboran: -Before we-as part of Joe\'s generation-GILLIBRAND: Before we move-SANDERS:-let me answer this question if I can say-Harris: -before we leave education-SANDERS:-not a generation-Diaz-
BALART:-please let us-please. UNKNOWN: Yeah. DIAZ-
Senators. Senators. UNKNOWN: Yeah.
We forgive (CROSSTALK).
SANDERS:-The question is who has the courage-unknown :(INAUDIBLE)
Comment-SANDERS:-challenge Wall Street, challenge the fossil fuel industry, challenge the huge monetary benefits that have an incredible impact on the country\'s economic and political life.
SWALWELL: these questions (INAUDIBLE).
Saunders: That\'s the problem. DIAZ-
Senator Harris. Senator Harris. DIAZ-
Senator Harris, I\'m sorry.
Can I turn around? DIAZ-
We will let all these things happen. Senator Harris.
We will let everyone speak. Senator Harris.
Unknown: is part of the problem-unknown:-waiting for the evolution of these problems. Sen.
Harris\'s battle for food: Hey guys. You know what?
The United States does not want to witness a food war.
They wanted to know how we were going to put the food on their table.
So, at this point, part of the problem that happened in the United States today, we are all traveling around the country, and I certainly have, I want to meet people who do two or three jobs.
You know, the president is talking about his great economy, right?
My economy is good.
My economy is good.
You asked him how you measured the greatness of your economy, and he talked about the stock market.
If you have stock, that\'s fine.
So many families in the United States do not.
You asked him how you measured the greatness of your economy, and they pointed out the number of unemployed and the number of unemployed.
Yes, Americans are working.
They have two or three jobs.
So let\'s be very clear when we talk about work.
In our United States, no one should do more than one job in order to have a roof on the head and food on the table. DIAZ-
Thank you very much, Senator. Yes.
Holt: You all expressed interest in health care.
So, let\'s -- Williamson: -- I want to say something else -- the candidate has weight in health care: -- let\'s -- talk about health care.
This will be a question of raising your hand.
We asked a question about health care last night, which has caused a lot of discussion, and as you know, we will now discuss it again.
Many people who watch TV at home have health insurance from their employers.
Here, who will cancel their private health insurance for the sake of a government operating plan? All right.
Kirsten Gill
Senator gilberland
Unknown: can I-GILLIBRAND:-yes.
It\'s my turn now. HOLT: Go ahead.
This is a very important question.
So, Senator Sanders and I, as well as other programs that support everyone\'s access to health insurance, are how you get a single payer, but it does matter during the transition period.
In 2005, when I ran for Congress in a one-on-one Republican constituency, I actually took part in health insurance for all, and I won a one-on-one Republican constituency twice.
My presentation is simple.
Anyone who doesn\'t have a chance to get the insurance they like, they can buy it with a percentage of the income they can afford.
So, that\'s what we put into the transition period for all our health insurance plans.
I think we need to treat universal medical care as a right, not the privilege of a single payer.
The quickest way you get there is to compete with the insurance company.
God bless insurance companies if they want to compete and they can certainly try.
But they never put people on their profits and I doubt if they will.
So people choose health insurance.
You will change.
All of us have access to health insurance.
Then your steps to a single payer are so short.
I will make it a earned benefit like social security so you can buy it all your life.
It is always by your side, it is eternal, it is universal.
Your time is up, Senator.
I would like to ask the same question to Mayor butigeg.
Yes, we \'ve taught look, and it\'s up to everyone who says health insurance, and every politician who lets this slip away from his mouth, to explain how you actually should get there from here.
What do I do now.
Very similar.
For everyone who wants it, I would call it health insurance.
You take something like medical insurance that you can buy on the exchange with this taste.
People can buy it.
If people like us are right, it is not only a more inclusive plan, it is also a plan that is more effective than any corporate answer, this will be a very natural decline to a single payment environment.
But let\'s remember that it\'s okay even in countries that are fully socialized, like the UK, and even the private sector.
Just for our primary care, we cannot rely on the tender terms of the company system.
This is very personal to me.
This year, I started treating my father\'s terminal illness.
I make decisions for a living and there is nothing that will prepare me for the decisions our family faces.
But what we do for us is that we never need to make these decisions based on whether or not Medicare will bankrupt our family.
I want every time.
But I want every family to have the same freedom to do the right thing in medicine, not (INAUDIBLE).
Your time is over.
Vice President Biden, I want to ask you this question.
You are one of the architects of Obama care.
So, where are we going from here?
Biden: You see, it\'s very personal to me.
My two sons were seriously injured when my wife and daughter were killed in a car accident.
I can\'t imagine what it would be like if I didn\'t have enough health care.
A year later, when my son came home from Iraq, he was diagnosed with advanced cancer and was given several months of life.
I don\'t understand what would happen if, in fact, they drop by, in the last six months of your life, you were alone.
We\'re going to break.
You ran out of time.
The fact is that the fastest and fastest way is to build on Obama\'s care and build on what we do.
Secondly, make sure everyone has a choice.
Everyone, whether they have private insurance, employer insurance or no insurance, in fact, they can buy medical insurance as planned.
The way you do it, you can do it faster, urgent.
Some people are now facing what I am facing and what we are facing without any help from me.
We must act now.
I am against any objection-in fact-Holt:-Vice President Biden, your time is-Biden:-to overthrow Obama\'s care and any Republican who wants to get rid of it.
HOLT: Let me-let me turn to Senator Sanders.
Senator Sanders, you have basically-as we know, you basically want to abolish the private health insurance system and replace it with a government operating plan.
No state has tried such a thing. California, Vermont and New York have not succeeded.
If politicians can\'t make it work in these states, how will you implement it at the national level.
How does this work?
Sanders: Lester, it\'s hard for me to believe in other major countries on Earth, including my neighbors 50 miles north, Canada, somehow, A way to provide health care for every man, woman and child has been found, and in most cases their per capita expenditure is 50% of our expenditure.
Let\'s be clear and let\'s be very clear today that from the perspective of insurance and drug companies, the function of health care is not to provide quality care to all in a cost-effective manner.
Today, the function of the health care system is to make billions of profits for insurance companies.
And, last year, if you can believe that, while we paid the world\'s highest price for prescription drugs, I will cut the price of prescription drugs by half in this country, with the top 10 companies making $69 billion.
They\'re going to spend millions of dollars lying to the American people about why we can\'t have Senator Sanders health insurance.
Holt: all I need to do is follow up there and how do you implement it at the national level.
Saunders: Sorry?
Holt: given that it\'s not successful in other states that have tried it, how do you implement it at the national level?
SANDERS: I will tell you how we will do it.
Whether it is the labor movement, the civil rights movement or the women\'s movement, we will do it in a truly changing way.
Sanders: when tens of millions of people are ready to stand up and tell insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies that their days have passed, we will provide health insurance for all, health care is a human right, not the right to make huge profits. Holt: Okay. Ms. Williamson–Ms.
Williamson, this is your problem.
Holt: Excuse me, excuse me.
I am going to Ms. Williamson.
We \'ve been talking about access to health insurance, but for many Americans, the issue they care most about is the high cost of health care.
How do you reduce the cost of prescription drugs?
Williamson: First of all, the government should not reach an agreement with the big farm where they cannot negotiate;
This is just part of the routine corruption that multinational companies are working with us.
You know, what I\'m trying to say is that while I agree-the I-I is with everyone else, I agree with almost everything here and I\'ll tell you one thing, if we have all of these plans, but if you think we will beat Donald Trump by having all of them, you will get another thing, because he didn\'t say he had a plan.
He only said he would win if America were great again.
We have to go deeper than the surface repair because they are important.
Even if we\'re just talking about surface repair, ladies and gentlemen, we don\'t have a health care system in the US and we have a disease care system in the US.
We just wait until someone gets sick and then we talk about who will pay for the treatment and how to treat them.
What we need to discuss is why so many Americans suffer from unnecessary chronic diseases compared to other countries, which goes back not only to large pharmaceutical companies, but also to health insurance companies, it\'s related to chemical policy, it\'s related to environmental policy-Holt: Okay, ma\'am.
Williamson: It\'s related to food policy and drug policy. Holt: Thank you.
Williamson: It\'s even related to environmental policy. Holt: Thank you.
Senator Bennett, you have a question, do you want to keep our system on Obamacare and build on that?
You mentioned it just now.
Is that enough for us to achieve universal coverage?
Bennett: I\'m sure that\'s going to get us there as fast as we can, and I bought the vice president and mayor Pete, and they were very moved by that.
As you may know, I recently had prostate cancer, which is why I was a little late in the race. Just this week my child had a resection and I felt strongly that the family was able to have that option.
I think this is what the American people want.
I\'m sure it will get us there soon.
Millions of people in the United States today don\'t have health insurance because they can\'t-they\'re too rich. Wealthy?
They make so much money that they can\'t afford health insurance without Medicaid.
When Senator Sanders said Canada was a single payer, there were 35 million people in Canada.
In the United States, there are 0. 33 billion people who can easily choose public places.
It\'s easy to be 35 million and for them, as Mayor butigeg said, it would be health insurance for all, but for others who want to keep health insurance,
I think it will be the fastest way to get to where we need to go.
I would also say that Bernie is a very honest person.
He said over and over again, unlike other people who have repeatedly supported this legislation, this will make all insurance except cosmetics illegal, except insurance, I think plastic surgery is right there.
All proposals have been banned by Medicare-HOLT: Let I-I-I \'ve kept you there for a while, but I think-but it\'s clear that Senator Sanders you got a response.
Harris: I \'d like to add a little bit here.
Senator Sanders (INAUDIBLE).
Sanders: to put it simply, you know Mike, health insurance is the most popular. SANDERS: —
Health insurance plan in this country.
People don\'t like their private insurance companies, they like their doctors and hospitals.
According to our plan, people can go to any doctor they want, any hospital they want.
We will greatly reduce the cost of medical care in this country because we will stop the greed of insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies.
Harris: on this issue-on this issue, we have to think about what this has to do with real people-it\'s unknown :(INAUDIBLE)lifetime, (INAUDIBLE)
Today and today-Harris: How this affects the reality of real people is reflected in a story that many of us have heard, and I will explain it in United America, A parent saw that their child had lost control of the temperature, called 911 what should I do, they said take the child to the emergency room so they get on the bus and drive, sitting in the parking lot outside the emergency room looking at those sliding when they put their hands on the child\'s four heads, the glass doors know if they go through those sliding glass doors even if they have insurance, they will also be deducted $5000-$5000 in deductible they go through those doors.
Senator Harris: that\'s what insurance companies are doing in the United States today.
GUTHRIE: We\'re going to go ahead with this discussion-SWALWELL:-I\'m one of those parents-GUTHRIE: I want to put it in GUTHRIE: Please candidates.
I am one of their parents.
GUTHRIE, my eight-month-old child and I:-Please candidate-SWALWELL:-I am one of their parents.
I was just in the emergency room.
I tell you-grisley:-Member of Congress, thank you-svalwell:-we fight health insurance every week.
Thank you. Thank you.
We lined up to pay for expensive prescription drugs.
We must have health care.
If you are sick, you will be seen.
You will never go bankrupt in America. GUTHRIE: Okay.
GILLIBRAND: With all due respect-GUTHRIE:-a lot of you have been talking about these government health care plans that are put forward in one form or another tonight.
This is a question raised.
Lift them up for a moment so that people can see them.
If your government plans to provide insurance for undocumented immigrants, raise your hand. GUTHRIE: Okay.
Let me start with you, Mayor butigeg. Why?
Mayor Buttigieg, why?
Because our country is healthier when everyone is healthier.
Remember, we\'re talking about things that people have the opportunity to buy.
Just like there are undocumented immigrants in my community who pay sales tax and pay property taxes directly or indirectly.
This is not a handout.
This is an insurance project.
We don\'t have access to health care for 11 million undocumented people in our country, which is not good for us.
But the real problem, of course, is that we shouldn\'t have 11 million undocumented people without citizenship.
This is meaningless.
The American people-the American people agree on what to do.
This is the crazy thing.
If the leadership includes-building a consensus around a split issue, then the White House has divided us on a consensus issue.
The American people want a path to citizenship.
They want to protect their Dreamers.
We need to clean up the legal immigration system, just like my father immigrated to this country.
As part of the compromise, we can take any common sense measures at the border.
Gersley: Mayor, but Washington can\'t achieve what the American people want.
What does this tell you about the system we live in?
It tells you that it needs to be profound-grisly:-Thank you, mayor-but structural reform.
Vice President Biden, I\'m sure you said your health care plan does not include undocumented immigrants.
Can you explain your position?
Biden: Sorry.
Please forgive me. I didn’t hear.
Gersley: I believe you didn\'t raise your hand when you raised your hand.
Did you raise your hand?
Oh, no, it\'s me.
I-Bulgari:-okay. Sorry. Sorry.
I-so, you said your plan would cover those issues-Biden:-yes-grisley:-which is different from Obama\'s concern. BIDEN: Yes.
But this is the case.
Can you explain the change? BIDEN: Yes.
As the mayor said, you can\'t get sick people to be found no matter where they come from, no matter their identity.
You can\'t do that.
It just has to be taken care of. You have to.
This is a humane thing.
But it\'s a deal.
He is right about three things.
First, they actually contribute to our happiness.
As a country, but they also have jobs, for example, they increase the life span of social security.
They pay Social Security taxes.
That\'s what they did.
It adds life.
They will do the same, by being able to receive treatment to reduce the total cost of health care, rather than waiting until the extreme.
The other thing is, guys, look, we can deal with these insurance companies.
First, we can be sentenced to jail by having insurance company executives because of their misleading ads, what they do on opioid drugs-they pay doctors to prescribe them.
We should-and we can make sure that everyone who is on Medicare-the government should be able to negotiate prices-regardless of the cost of the drug.
We can do this by making sure we\'re in a position where we actually allow people-are you saying time is up?
Williamson: I just want to talk about your time.
Vice President Joe Biden, thank you.
You can actually postpone it for a minute.
We need a little rest here.
We still have a lot to talk to, so stick with us.
We just started.
After that we will be back with more from Miami.
Candidates on how to solve the problem of undocumented immigration: Thank you very much.
Senator Harris arrested more than 130,000 migrants on the southern border last month.
Many of them were detained, including children in private detention centers in Florida and our countries.
Most candidates at this stage say the conditions of these facilities are disgusting.
What would you do to thousands of people in January 20, 2021 if you were president-Harris:-yes-Diaz Bharat:-who tries to get to the United States every day, and hope to live a better life through asylum?
Harris: January 20, 2021, first of all, I can\'t forget our DACA recipients, so I\'m going to start there.
I will take immediate administrative action to restore the DACA status and DACA protection of these young people.
I will provide further protection for their parents and veterans as they are delayed deportation, we have so many undocumented people who serve our country and for our democracy
I will also immediately start the process of reviewing asylum cases.
I\'m going to get the kids out of the cage.
I\'m going to take care of the private detention center.
I will make sure that this microphone in the hands of the president of the United States is used in a way that reflects the values of our country, rather than locking the children up and separating them from their parents.
I have to say that we have to think about this from the perspective of the real people.
A mother pays Coyote for her children to cross their country of origin, across Mexico and come here in the face of unknown dangers, why does this mother do so?
I will tell you.
Because she has decided to leave that child in a worse place for them.
But what did Donald Trump do?
He said go back where you came.
This does not reflect our America and our values, it must end.
Diaz Bharat: If you were the first day, the first day of hickenroper-how do you respond?
Williamson: with these children?
Diaz Bharat: Let me find you in a second.
William: Sorry.
Diaz Bharat: Governor, on the first day, thousands of men, women and children crossed the border to seek shelter for a better life. What do you do?
The first day, an hour?
Hickenlotta: of course, the images we see this week just add to the emotional impact the world has on us.
If you tell me at any time in my life, this country will approve federal agents to take the children from the arms of their parents and keep them in cages, in Colorado, what we call kidnapping.
The I-I will call you-I\'ll tell you it\'s incredible.
The first thing we have to do is recognize the humanitarian crisis on the border and make sure there are enough facts
Facilities are in place and women and children are not separated from their families.
The children are with their families.
We must make sure that ice is completely reformed.
They began to look at their work in a humanitarian way, where they were meeting the full needs of the people they were reaching at the border.
Ultimately, we have to make sure that we provide food, clothing and health care not only for our accommodation. Ms. Diaz BharatWilliamson.
Williamson: Yes, What did Donald Trump do to these kids, not just in Colorado, Governor, you\'re right-it\'s kidnapping.
It is very important for us to realize this.
If you force your child out of your parents\' arms, you are kidnapping them.
If you take a lot of children with you, put them in detention centers, which brings them chronic trauma called child abuse.
This is a collective child abuse.
Williamson: this is a group child abuse.
When it\'s a crime-both of these things are crimes, and if your government does that, it won\'t reduce the crime.
These are countries.
Sponsorship crime
What President Trump has done is not only to attack these children, not only to demonize these immigrants, but also to attack a fundamental principle at the heart of American morality.
We open our hearts to strangers.
This is very important and important for all of us, and I respect everyone on this stage very much, but what are we going to talk about health care?
Where have you been?
Because if it\'s not just a matter of planning, I haven\'t heard anyone at this stage talk about American foreign policy in Latin America, and how we might have contributed to something more helpful in the last few decades (SP). DIAZ-
BALART: Senator Gillibrand, what would you do as a real president?
GILLIBRAND: Well, one of the worst things President Trump has done to this country is that he tore apart the moral structure of who we are.
When he began to separate the children at the border from their parents, seven children died under his custody, dozens of children had been separated from their parents, and they had no plans to reunite, so I will do something.
First of all, I will strive for comprehensive immigration reform through citizenship.
Second, I will reform the way we treat asylum.
Border seekers
I will have a community.
The treatment center you do in the asylum community-
If there is a real immigration judge, not an employee of Atty, the job seeker will get a lawyer. Gen.
But was appointed for life and had a communitybased system.
I will fund border security, but the worst thing President Trump has done is that he transfers money out of cross-trades
Cross-border terrorism
Border human trafficking, drug trafficking and gun trafficking he got the moneyprofit prisons.
I\'m not going to spend money for profit. -Diaz-
We locked up the children and shelter. seekers. DIAZ-
BALART: Last night we had a very heated debate on the topic of non-criminal border crimes on this stage.
If-if you believe that cross-border should be a civil offence rather than a crime without documentation, then please raise your hand?
Can we have a look with our hands up?
But let us remember that this is not only a theoretical approach, but also a basis for family separation.
You are no longer possible.
Of course, in any case, this is not possible during my presidency, because it is completely wrong.
Because Republicans like to hide themselves in religious language, we have to talk about another thing.
Now, our party is not talking about this, mainly for a very good reason, that is, we are committed to the separation of the Church and the state, and we support the religion of people of any religion and people without faith.
But when we see a party associated with Christianity saying that it is OK for God to smile at the split of the family, we should call on the hypocritical federal agent God to forgive for keeping the child in a cage, this has lost all rights to use the religious language again. DIAZ-BALART: Mr.
Vice President, I don\'t know if you raise your hand or just ask for the floor-Biden: Look-Diaz --
BALART: Will you cross the border without documents?
Biden: The first thing I have to do is to unite my family.
I will provide billions of dollars worth of help to the region immediately.
I\'m talking about foreign policy.
I was the one who got the bipartisan agreement at the end of the campaign, and at the end of our term, spent $0. 74 billion to deal with the issue, which is the root cause of people\'s initial departure. It was working.
As you know, we see a net decrease in the number of children coming.
The crisis has been renewed, and the president has come. He said he stopped the crisis immediately.
We\'re all talking about these things, and I did. I did it.
740-now look, the second thing-the second thing we have to do, the law now requires these families to be reunited.
We will reunite these families and, if not, we will put these children in a safe environment until we find their parents.
Finally, he appeared in court with his Justice Department, saying that the children in the cage did not need a bed, no blankets, no toothbrushes-Diaz --
Vice President Joe Biden: that\'s outrageous. DIAZ-
Barack Obama-
The Biden administration is the Obama administration.
The Biden administration has expelled more than 3 million Americans.
My question to you is, if a person lives in the United States without documentation, is that his only crime, should that person be deported?
Biden: they should be deported based on whether they committed a major crime.
The president was left with his president, Barack Obama, and I think he did a very good job.
Compare him to what this guy is doing and I find it almost unethical.
But the truth is, you see, we shouldn\'t lock people up.
We should make sure we change the environment like we do, why they leave first.
Those who seek asylum, we should have the immediate ability to absorb them and protect their safety before they are heard. DIAZ-BALART: A 15-
Second, if you are willing to answer, if you can answer, should a person be deported if he has no documents here, the only offense he has?
Biden: The focus of deportation should not be that person.
We should fundamentally change the way we handle things. DIAZ-Senator?
SANDERS: I think-Williamson:-I think it\'s important-SANDERS:-suggested that I agree with a lot of what Kamala just said, just on the first day, we come up with our executive order pen, undo every damn thing Trump does on this issue.
Second, we learned about Joe\'s point of view, and we understood the root cause.
There is also a situation where Honduras is a failed country with massive corruption.
You have a gang telling the family that if a 10-year-
If you don\'t join their gang, their family will be killed.
What we have to do on the first day is to invite the presidents and leaders of Central America and Mexico to join us.
This is a hemisphere. -Diaz-
BALART:-Thanks-SANDERS:-the problem we have to solve. DIAZ-
Member Swalwell? What do you do?
Swanwell: the first day? DIAZ-BALART: No.
If someone doesn\'t have a document here, that\'s the only offense they have, will this person be deported?
SWALWELL: No, that person can be part of this great American experience.
That person can contribute.
My Congressional constituency is one of the most diverse constituencies in the United States, and we see benefits when people contribute, they become part of the community, they are not in the shadow economy.
For me, the first day of family reunion.
The president, however, has nothing for immigrants that he will not separate a family, imprison a child, or erase their presence by arming the census.
There\'s nothing we can\'t do in court, and as President, I\'m not going to do anything to turn this around and make sure the family belongs together forever. DIAZ-
Senator Harris?
Harris: Thank you.
I would say, no, absolutely not.
They should not be deported.
In fact, this is one of the few issues that I disagree with the government, otherwise I have a good relationship and great respect with the government.
But on the security community issue, I\'m the attorney general of California.
I lead the second largest Justice Department in the United States in a state with a population of 40 million, after the Justice Department.
On this issue, I do not agree with my president because the policy is to allow the expulsion of those under ICE\'s own definition is No. criminals.
So, as the attorney general and chief legal officer of California, I sent a directive to the magistrate of the state that they do not have to comply with the requirements of the detainees, instead, decisions should be made in the best interests of community public safety.
Because of what I see-I keep track of it every day.
I am following it and seeing the parents, who, even by ICE\'s own definition, do not commit a crime, are being deported.
But I have to add a little bit here.
The issue of this policy, which I know as prosecutor-Diaz --
BALART:-Senator Harris:-I hope the rape victim can run in the middle of Diaz
BALART:-senator-Harris:-run in the middle of the street and wave to a police officer to report the crime against her.
I want victim Diaz.
-Senator Harris:-any real crime-Diaz-
BALART:-Senator Harris:-was able to do that-Diaz-
Bharat:-your time-Harris:-Don\'t be afraid if they do-Diaz-
BALART:-senator-Harris:-they will be deported because the abuser-Diaz-
BALART:-Senator Harris:-tell them that they committed the crime. It is wrong.
HOLT: We\'re going to turn-Harris:-wrong-Holt:-we\'re going to go to trade now if we can.
Holt: Last night, we asked candidates on this stage to name the biggest geopolitical threat facing the United States. S.
Four of them mentioned China. U. S.
Business people say China has stolen our intellectual property rights, and leaders on both sides have accused the Chinese of manipulating the exchange rate to drive down commodity costs.
First of all, I am going to tell Senator Bennet about this question, how will you fight China?
Bennett: First of all, I think the biggest threat to our national security is Russia, not China.
Second, about China, we were compensated for what they did in our election.
In China, I think the president is right to fight back against China, but he did it exactly the wrong way.
We should mobilize all the countries in the world that have a common interest in promoting China\'s trade policy of heavy business, and I think we can do so.
I would also like to answer another question before that.
Holt: You-you have time-Bennett: when I-saw these kids at the border, I saw my mom because I knew she saw herself, because she was separated from her parents for many years during the Polish massacre.
For Donald Trump, he\'s doing what he\'s doing to children and their families at the border, and I\'m saying that because he wrote the immigration bill in 2013, created for 11 million people in this country with the most progressive dream ever, and passed much less, it won 68 votes in the Senate, of which $46 billion in border security, this is a complex 21st century border security, not the medieval wall time that the president has-sorry-Bennett:-to turn the US border into a symbol of nationalist hostility, the whole world is looking at what we should be representing-Holt:-Thank you, Senator.
Bennett: The Statue of Liberty brought my parents to the country in the first place.
We need to make changes.
Mayor Yang and Mayor butigeg talk about concerns about China
Yang, let me introduce you to China.
You also expressed concerns about technology and employment.
Are you worried about China?
If so, how will you fight it?
Yang: What I want to say is that I think Russia is our biggest geopolitical threat because they have succeeded in destroying our democracy.
They have been laughing at this for the past few years, and we should keep an eye on this before we start worrying about other threats.
Now, China, they did, they did. INAUDIBLE)property.
This is a huge problem.
But tariffs and trade wars are only punishing businesses, producers and workers on both sides.
I met a farmer in Iowa who said he spent six years building a buying relationship in China that has now disappeared and disappeared forever.
And the beneficiaries are not American workers, nor are they in China.
Southeast Asia and other producers have also fallen into a gap.
So we need-to crack down on China\'s malpractices in trade relations, but tariffs and trade wars are wrong.
Holt: how will you fight China?
Yes, I mean, first of all, we have to recognize that the challenges in China are very serious.
This is not a thing to pass or wave away.
If you look at what China is doing
They use technology to perfect dictatorship.
But their basic economic model will not change due to some tariffs.
I live in an industrial area in the Midwest.
Those who are not near the factory or the soybean field where I live.
Manufacturers, especially soybean farmers, are being hurt.
Tariffs are taxes.
As a result of these tariffs, Americans pay an average of $800 more a year.
At the same time, China is investing so that they can quickly bypass us in the field of artificial intelligence.
The president focused on China relations as if it was important to balance the dishwasher\'s exports.
We have a bigger problem in our hands.
But at one point, their authoritarian model is considered an alternative to us, because of our internal differences, our model looks very confusing compared to their model.
The biggest thing we have to do is invest in our own domestic competition.
If we give up the investment-Holt:-OK, Mayor, thank you.
But in our own infrastructure, we can never compete with education.
If we really want to be an alternative, a Democratic alternative, we really have to prove that we care about democratic values-Holt:-Mayor, thank you, thank you for your answer.
At home.
So far, candidates, we will take a break here.
When we get back, the questions about the university continue and Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow will be here.
More is the direct lead of our candidates.
Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow take over without major technical difficulties: Welcome back to the presidential Democratic debate in our center in Miami.
GUTHRIE: we wanted more team members to join us when we asked questions.
Diaz Barat: So, let\'s take a look at Chuck Todd and Rachel McDo.
Todd: Rachel, I had a dream that we had before. MADDOW: No. TODD: No. MADDOW: No.
This is definitely the first time.
TODD: It must be the first time.
Thanks to Leicester Savannah and Jose.
Let\'s review the rules again.
Twenty candidates are eligible for the first debate.
We heard from 10 of them last night.
We got another 10 letters tonight.
Randomly select the breakdown for each night, the candidate will have 60 seconds to answer the direct question, followed by 30 seconds
If needed
MADDOW: Because of this big area of the candidate, not everyone can comment on everything, but the less the audience responds, the more time they get.
In the next hour, we will hear from all of these candidates.
We will start this hour with Mayor butigeg.
Over the past five years, civil rights activists in our country have led a national debate on race and criminal justice systems.
Your South Bend community in Indiana recently caused a stir by an officer involved in the shooting.
South Bend\'s police force is now 6% black in a city of 26% black.
Why has it not improved during your two terms as mayor?
Because I can\'t finish it.
My community is now in great pain due to an officer involved in the shooting.
A black Eric Logan was killed by a white officer.
I was not allowed to stand aside until the investigation came back.
The police officer said he was attacked by a knife, but there was no camera on him. It’s a mess.
We were hurt.
I can take you through all the things we do as a community-all the steps we take from bias training to removing bias
But it did not save Eric Logan\'s life.
When I look into the eyes of his mother, I have to face the fact that nothing I say will bring him back.
This is a problem facing our community and many communities across the country.
Before we get rid of the shadow of systemic racism, whatever this particular event tells us, we will face a bigger problem, that is, there is a wall of distrust that acts once.
Not only from what happened in the past, but also from what is happening all over the country now.
It threatens the well-being of every community.
I am determined that one day, when a white man drives a car, a black man drives a car, they feel exactly the same thing when they see a policeman approaching.
Not fear but feeling safe.
I am determined to bring that day.
Thank you, sir. Mayor.
If I could ask a question because I think-Madu: Governor, I\'ll give you 30 seconds.
Hikenroper: I think the question they are asking in Southend is, why does it take so long?
Ten years ago, when I first became mayor, we had a shooting incident where Ferguson and the community came together and we created an Office of the independent supervisory civil oversight board.
We have diversified the police force in two years.
We did it.
Upgrade training.
I think the real question that the United States should ask is, why is there no such level of police accountability in every city after five years in Ferguson?
MADDOW: Governor hickenlotta, thank you.
We-butigeg: I have to respond to that.
Look, we \'ve taken a lot of steps in terms of police accountability, so the FOP has just condemned me for being too accountable.
Obviously, we haven\'t arrived yet.
I take responsibility for that matter-SWALWELL :(INAUDIBLE)
You should fire the chief.
But this will be investigated under Indiana law.
And will be responsible for the relevant officials.
But you\'re the mayor.
If this is policy and someone dies, you should fire the chief.
Williamson: all of these issues are very important, but there are specific issues and some symptoms.
The root cause is related to the deep and deep areas of racial injustice.
Whether in our criminal justice system or in our economic system.
For this reason, the Democratic Party should be on the side of compensating for slavery.
I don\'t believe-I don\'t believe ordinary Americans are racist.
But the average American knows little about the history of the American race.
Vice President Biden, we will find you. Hang on.
Harris: What I want to say is-Mado:-madam.
William, thank you very much.
Bharat: Vice President Biden, I\'m going-we\'re going to see you. Hang on.
Let\'s pick it up.
Harris:-like us (INAUDIBLE)
At this stage, I would like to speak on the question of race-Harris :-.
Senator Harris-Harris:-So, what would I say-Madu:-I would-Senator Harris, if I could-if I could preface-Harris: -I agree-MADDOW:-this, we will give you 30 seconds because we will be back to you again in a moment.
Take 30 seconds. HARRIS: Okay.
So on the issue of race, I quite agree that this is an issue that is still not being talked about honestly and honestly.
I-none of the black people I know, whether he is a relative, a friend or a colleague, have been subjected to some form of appearance or discrimination.
Growing up, my sister and I had to deal with our neighbors, who told us that her parents couldn\'t play with us because she-because we were black.
I would also like to say-and we have heard it in this campaign-that I will now tell Vice President Biden about this issue.
I don\'t believe you are racist and I agree with you when you are committed to the importance of finding common ground. BIDEN: Mm-hmm.
But I also believe it\'s personal.
In fact, the I-I is very-it is harmful to hear you talk about the reputation of two US senators who have built their reputation and career in apartheid in this country.
Not only that, but you also oppose street performances with them.
You know, there is a little girl in California who is part of the second class of integrated public schools, who goes to school by bus every day, and that little girl is me.
So what I want to tell you is that there is no intellectual debate between Democrats on this issue.
We must take it seriously.
We must act quickly.
As the attorney general of California, I am very proud to have put in place a requirement that all my special agents wear body cameras and keep them.
Senator Harris, thank you.
Vice President Biden, you have been quoted.
We will give you a chance to respond.
Biden: this is exactly the wrong description of my position.
I did not praise the racist.
First, this is not true.
Second, if we want the campaign to file a lawsuit about who supports civil rights and whether or not I support civil rights, I would be happy to do so.
I\'m a public defense lawyer.
I\'m not a prosecutor.
I came out. I left a good law firm and became a public lawyer. when in fact —
As a matter of fact, my city fell into a sea of fire due to the assassination of Dr.
First, the King.
Now, second place, America. S.
-Sorry-as vice president of the United States, I and one actually, we worked very hard to do that and we dealt with those issues in a major way.
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