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by:DIgao     2020-06-24
Now we are moving into a favorite area of the old PC-the mouse.
Originally for X-
Now the mouse is very different from 20 years ago.
Today\'s exhibition is a miracle of technological innovation.
The modern mouse has unimaginable laser and optical sensors 10 years ago, as well as motion Bluetooth or wireless technologies that make the device fully wiredfree.
The development of contouring and ergonomic made modern mice more satisfied than the old white mice after 90 s.
But where does the mouse go from here?
In the future, there will be a large group of scientists and researchers, as well as engineers and physicists moving towards capacitive touch.
Basic equipment for future operation.
The HP Touchsmart PC you are currently seeing may one day be available in the form of hardware for anyone to purchase (
Either in the monitor or as a complex sensor system).
However, the touch screen is a unique issue for manufacturers-they want to touch the screen that traditionally sits in a strange position on the table (
At an angle, etc)?
Also, what about those who don\'t want to spend hundreds of dollars that big?
How much will the touch screen cost?
How do you get these people into the market?
Today\'s consumers think the touch screen is a cool innovation, but it\'s also a gimmick.
Only on devices such as the iPhone, the touch screen proves to be effective enough to work as a dedicated system for the control device.
That said, the iPhone and other touch smartphones are portable devices that are easy to master and touch without having to touch the computer monitor all day long.
Ideally, a future PC monitor will work as a tablet that can be carried with you, but it will also cost a lot of money.
So, what is the solution to the problem of manipulating the future screen? Touch. . . Natal?
First of all, I would say that Microsoft\'s Natal project will never affect the video game industry as much as they would like.
In the field of computers, however, this particular technology does apply.
Put the small camera in (or on top of)
The screen of Natal technology, suddenly you have a device that can scan items to your PC, allowing you to move objects on the screen and even \"control\" your favorite PC game.
Promise to control the future with a camera, head-
The auxiliary navigation device sounds promising, especially given the fact that the Natal device can function in three dimensions.
However, the technology is very primitive and quite confusing at the moment.
However, when the technology is perfect, it is easy to see that people are more willing to move the computer by hand than in a mouse that is several orders of magnitude smaller than the mouse. The mouse screen is constantly repositioned.
But for the kick, let\'s assume it won\'t happen either, is there a future for the mouse?
The end of the way the mind controls the mouse becomes the day the computer can control with your mind.
Scientists are still at the earliest stages of achieving this goal.
They are experimenting with voluntary volunteers with actual physical defects, such as paralysis of the limbs, and they cannot move.
In these cases, the experimenter actually implanted aalarmingly)
Large devices that translate brain waves into binary codes enter the motor control area of the brain.
In this way, the patient can move the robot arm controlled by the computer and even write and draw on the computer screen.
However, the technology is still a long way from being safe and useful for the public.
Implant technology has so far been welcomed by doubts and fears-no one wants to put it into their bodies when things are not absolutely necessary.
This is the end of our future hardware series-hopefully the next decade will show us if these predictions are close to being accurate.
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