furniture company custom-designed success: mass customization and orders cut on demand have carved a niche for new liskeard\'s three-h furniture systems.

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For a New Liskeard office furniture manufacturer, mass customization is key to survival and prosperity in the competitive North American market.
This is the regular order of the day for 87 employees
H furniture system, specializing in the production of commercial office furniture that meets the requirements of customers.
Deputy Brian Conlin
The president of operations said mass customization means having a fully automated production facility capable of \"dynamic customization\" using special programming tools on their CNC machines, called parameter programming.
Allowing customers to customize furniture sizes within design standards is the difference between them and big North American competitors, he said.
\"If you need a 73-
Inch table, we allow you to purchase it without increasing the cost or production lead time.
Most of our competitors don\'t like the idea of custom sizes.
\"It is this diversity that allows the company to compete with large Canadian and US competitors such as lacas, Global, DSI industries, Hon Industries, Herman Miller and Stiles case.
30,000 square feet factory operation from Radley Mountain Road
H. Export approximately 15,000 to 20,000 products to US customers each year, including a small portion of exports to Puerto Rico.
The company\'s total annual sales are about $12 million and is expected to increase its staff to 95 by the end of the year.
The company was founded in 1973 and was created by founder Heinz Ditman, Helmut Pederson and Helmut moerturner, initially by manufacturing-to high-end European-
Residential Furniture in style, as well as bedrooms and wall units for teenagers and adults.
Moeltro, who runs a nearby melamine laminating plant, wants to promote the second industry in the north and has set up three
Working With German experienced taxi maker dytman. Three-
When the recession hit in the 1980 s and the residential furniture market began to dry up, H turned to office furniture.
They are looking for a stronger and more dynamic industry.
\"It\'s a bigger and simpler market,\" dealing with business institutions and businesses, rather than with smaller moms --and-Pop-
Type stores, says Conlin.
Today, the company produces a varietyand high-
End Execution of office furniture, station, conference table, wall unit, computer furniture, filing cabinet, office accessories.
The company prefers to stay away from large box stores, mainly shipping to smaller and more professional retail stores in Canada and North America, including Grand & Toy.
They also ship the goods to individual dealers in Toronto, including Harkel Office furniture and the main South American area of Philadelphia --
Office equipment retailer. \"The (U. S. )
\"There is still a lot of potential for what we need,\" says Conlin . \" He estimated that their products appeared in about 250 stores in North America, mainly on the East Coast, as far as Florida.
The company has also set up a permanent showroom in Chicago\'s Merchandise market, which they see as a growing market.
\"There is great potential there,\" says Conlin . \".
\"There are nearly 12 million people in Chicago ,(almost)
More than everyone in Ontario.
\"We are very active in marketing strategies for certain markets,\" including the United States. S.
He says the Midwest.
\"We have been dealing with the market and charging it, not sitting around.
\"Conlin has been working in the company since the beginning of the company, and he said that given the limited customer base in Canada, the export decision is obvious.
\"If we are going to grow the company, we will either stay at home or become bigger.
He said that in recent years, the office furniture industry has suffered a \"terrible blow\", some of which have been caused by overseas imports, but mainly by the stagnant furniture industry in the United States. S. economy.
\"The American market is so big that it drives everything and it has been relatively slow.
\"Big office furniture manufacturers such as Steelcase, considered industry IBM, have suffered 6,000 layoffs in the past three years.
Conlin attributed his company\'s longevity to the design of a product for upscale people. Specific market.
All of their product development, including engineering, software development and design, are in-house.
\"Because we are a relatively small company, customization is a niche, and there is no doubt.
\"One of the challenges of being located in Northern Ontario is the distance from major markets, especially fuel prices, which fluctuate greatly.
\"To put ourselves in a level playing field, we have to land (product)
\"In Baltimore, this is what anyone in Toronto will do,\" Conlin said . \".
But through \"clever transport arrangements\" they were able to reach an agreement with the trucking company by providing valuable support
A carrier transporting goods from Southern Ontario to the north. www. three-h.
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