from pulling weeds and oiling door hinges to moving furniture: unpaid interns reveal the worst tasks their bosses made them do on the job

by:DIgao     2020-05-30
The beginning of a career is usually not-than-
A fascinating time in life for an aspiring professional.
Regardless of the industry, school leavers and college graduates are stuck in a busy, hungry world of adult work, starting with an increasingly controversial unpaid internship for many.
According to statistics from 2017, Australians under the age of 30 have completed the work of \"free international --
Many of them study hard life lessons on their way.
In honor of the corruption done by those at the first level of the career ladder, FEMAIL created a list of the most eccentric stories from unpaid internships around the world.
Oiling esa Reddit user plastic girl said her hopes were high when she started her first unpaid internship at a small comic publisher.
Taking this position under the pretext of learning about the internal workings of publishing companies, when she realized that she was doing \"heavy work\" there, she quickly burst.
They gave me hundreds of t\'s.
\"The shirt in the back room is silent to make sure I can hear the doorbell and I have to do things like oil door hinges every day,\" she said . \".
When an aspiring cosmetic executive found an unpaid internship at a beauty salon in her hometown of New York, she seized the opportunity to learn about the makeup industry.
But it\'s not like she spent the first day in the apartment.
Sit for her wishes
When a potential buyer stops to check the furniture advertised on Craigslist, be the boss.
Next, what I know is that it took me a whole week to move the furniture from her apartment on the fifth floor to her office 20 blocks away.
The promising history student at weedsA described their disastrous unpaid internship at the Reddit Museum.
\"They asked me to farm soil, pull grass, wear work clothes, and always have public exhibitions and exhibitions that require staff!
A media graduate spoke in an online shopping and in a de facto fashion interview about her experience of not being paid from the start. up company.
When the line manager saw in the magazine the hat he wanted to wear during the upcoming holidays, he created a project for her --
Track hats and buy them during working hours.
I found it soon [the hat]
Couldn\'t buy it, so he asked me to sort out a presentation that looked the most hat-like, with pictures and prices on it so he could find something similar.
Next train every 30 minutes, an internship at the newspaper is the dream of all aspiring journalists.
But for a longing for us, this novelty soon disappeared.
The 22-year-old writer was startled by the strict rules of the newsroom.
We wear a full suit every day because that\'s what \"real journalists\" wear and we are also asked to leave the train every 30 minutes because we need to be on call, more than half an hour will not be out of range.
\"When eBayA\'s former Manhattan event intern sold shoes, she remembered the days when she sold her boss\'s personal belongings on eBay and other shopping sites --and-sell websites.
One day I was waiting for a task and he just pointed to my stack of shoe boxes, like, listing the shoe boxes on eBay at these prices.
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