final, well, kind of final, plans

by:DIgao     2020-06-28
The good news is that our plan has been approved by Anna Maria\'s new construction inspector.
We thought it would be a ordeal, but thanks to Johnny, our builder, who asked us to make several technical changes to the plan, he suspected that the inspector would mark the plan.
The bad news is that we still have a lot of work to do on these plans.
In my rather ignorant case, I have always thought that all decisions will be made when we get to this point, and those plans will allow us to proceed with the construction without further discussion. Wrong again.
What I learned is that these plans need to be completed by 93% and all major decisions (
How many rooms, where to wait. )
Very well locked.
This level of completeness allows the builder to evaluate and build the house, and the town can assess whether the House meets the building requirements for issuing the building permit.
But even in the \"last\" plan you see here, there is still. . . issues.
Here are three: 1.
As many kind readers have pointed out, there was a problem with the previous kitchen layout, but even though we did a lot of the changes you suggested (
Mobile sink, dishwasher, stove and almost everything else)
The new layout is also wrong.
We had time to tidy up the kitchen, Johnny said, but every time I saw the kitchen I sighed with frustration.
The layout looks awkward.
Workflow is not important.
I\'m totally stuck.
Should I find a kitchen designer? Can you help? 2.
We still work on doors and windows.
We plan to eliminate six windows from the basement on the side of the house, but we haven\'t decided which one will go yet.
Other doors in the House (
The one in Paul\'s office, near the spiral staircase)
, Because it makes more sense to do so, it may need to be windows.
There are other doors that may be opened in the wrong way (
To the house, not to the outside)
Or different configurations may be required. 3.
Any other fees? or energy-
An effective way to do things?
We cut some of the cost, but I think we can do more. (
Your suggestion is welcome and please also keep in mind that we will not reduce the size of the house.
The roof deck is still there. )
The plan is final.
But they certainly did not finish.
Comments are no longer accepted.
Admittedly, how can these plans be \"final\" when the kitchen is incorrect \"?
Ask for a kitchen designer for God\'s sake.
I was also sad to hear that the roof deck was still there . . . . . . Since P cannot handle the height of the cherry selector, how will he navigate those exposed round stairs?
Sell this land . . . . . . Buy a beach house or better.
Why do you need a window in your garage?
When you go to the place where you want to order the cabinets, the design service should be provided for you free of charge.
Certified kitchden designers work in many places. The best-
The design kitchen I have seen was done by a designer from N Lumber Wood.
Last thought about the roof deck . . . . . . Does the elevator drive all the way to the top floor?
Yes, a short answer.
You should find a kitchen designer.
Of course, you should break it down and hire a kitchen designer.
It will be a wise move now.
I really like the philosophy and work of people who have been commenting.
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