Excessive metal coat hooks packaging materials cause environmental pollution

by:DIgao     2020-06-17
Express the excessive packaging defects more first, excessive packaging results in higher cost. Due to lack of special collection and management path, the receiving party throw about packaging, shipper has to buy packaging materials, direct increase operating costs. According to several Courier companies reflect, they use the packaging materials procurement from the superior company or headquarters, and the price is not cheap. Similar to the metal clothes peg bag packing clothes, each cost about hair, if the carton is higher costs. With shandong jinan as an example, an express franchise outlets boss said, double tenth period more than double the number in a day. Consisting of a piece of light is roughly the cost of yuan. It is estimated that the company has more than one point in jinan, have four or five light packaging costs about ten thousand yuan a day. Like 'Russian dolls' express packaging is unnecessary. With consumers reflect its online to buy a computer and a book. Computer packing, tear open come out a lot of packaging. Carton outside by tape wrapped around four or five times, open the difficulties do not say, after opening the inside of the filler with computer more than twice. Books of packaging is by hard paper package and outside by metal clothes bags plus three layers of tape. The computer is fragile valuables, packaging sealed point is understandable, but the book is neither expensive not easily broken. Wrapped so tightly, is a waste of material. Second annual cumulative metal coat hooks cannot degrade packaging materials cause environmental pollution. Unlike the traditional shopping mode, online shopping depends on delivery, and each express at least a layer of the outer packing and some tape. Scotch tape as part of the express package, the main raw material is PVC, under natural conditions, at least need years to decompose naturally. Preliminary calculation according to relevant personage, the Courier packing tape can circle around the earth.
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