custom-made hang tags promote furniture better

by:DIgao     2020-08-15
For furniture stores, what can you do with different tag printing functions?
Different items require various types of tag because merchants can better promote their products to customers.
An easy way to build a custom tag is to select a custom tag printing service for you online, which offers different design software and tools to meet any product needs.
Online printing custom tag not only provides you with a complete design kit, but there are also many changes in size and inventory.
By producing custom tag tags, the added appeal offered by the label can enhance the value of the product.
That\'s why customization is produced.
Making labels for your different specialty products is very important for branding, increasing customer service and creating sales. 1.
The size options of the product are different: Generally speaking, a large product needs a larger size
The size of the tag, and vice versa, but to produce more unique tags, can be achieved in another way.
For example, if hanging on a white lampshade, the black and smooth 2 \"x 6\" labels look good and attractive.
When the customer passes, the light of the lampshade can add an instantaneous reflection on these tags placed a little below the lampshade. 2. Die-
Cut tag: selling chairs and sofas is usually one or two-
This makes these items look a bit boring.
By printing the custom tag online, you can choose to produce the label in the moldcut.
This style of tag can make price tags for customers on sofas or chairs. 3.
Stock options: Contrasting textures make it easier for customers to see the tag.
For example, select 14 pt with gloss.
Covering highlight inventory in hanging label printing would be perfect
Complete the office or kitchen table.
On the other hand, hanging labels produced by 14 pt.
The lid with matte finish can be better reflected on the refrigerator or stove with light coverage. 4.
Color options: for glass tables and doors, the 4-color two-sided options will help customers see them from any angle.
Hang flat on the glass surface and your label will get twice the value when you do the printing.
Due to the large number of services provided for custom label services, more options can be made to better promote your furniture products.
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