Cupboard handle frame of science?

by:DIgao     2020-07-26
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cupboard handles the doorcase of popular science is around the doorway on the sides and the top border and sill, set on the wall, usually support the door leaf, exposed the door frame.
the old houses in the old building in order to prevent the gate next to the door at the top of the wall collapsed. At the same time convenient installation hinge, door and door lock, the action of bolt, etc.

(commodity house is commonly used in general is above the door lintel nonexistent collapse problems so I don't do door to door cover goods room do door cover is purely for the convenience of installation hinge, door and door lock, shortcomings and so on bolt is more than the door take up the space to make the width was smaller.
this is ambry shake handshandle of popular science frame is introduced.
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