challenge accepted! wife bets husband he can\'t fit his vintage car in the living room to protect it from hurricane irma so he rips out sliding doors and reverses it in there to prove her wrong

by:DIgao     2020-06-28
Hurricane Irma has caused a lot of damage, but apparently only one very precious item that Thomas Azia cares about to protect.
Acea asked his wife, Pulse.
Li acea if he can park his 1987 Nissan 300ZX in the house to protect it from Irma.
Her initial response was: \"Yes, no problem, baby,\" however, he somehow had to decide how to move the old-fashioned car into the house --
That\'s the deal.
Video social media Mai-scroll down
Li told my husband that he could park his car in the house. . . .
If he could get through the sliding door
Relationshipcompro, jokeisonhimhurricaneirma.
She was shocked to find that her husband had actually succeeded in taking their door apart. \"I never thought he would remove the sliding glass door,\" she told People magazine . \".
In the video uploaded to their YouTube page, you can hear-
Li said: What is he doing?
When he backed up, she could be heard saying, \"I don\'t think it\'s appropriate for him to realize it . \".
She later asked him in the video: \"What did you do with my glass door ? \".
\"They took off my sliding door.
\"It\'s a joke, baby, you shouldn\'t actually put it here,\" she said as he continued to reverse the car to the living room.
His wife knew clearly that she was defeated, and then she said, \"Guys, the deal on my side is terrible, very bad.
\"He has a few months of engineering cars and he hopes to recover,\" Mai-
Li told People.
\"He\'s always passionate about these special cars, so the car is like his kids.
However, this phase did not last long.
His wife gloated on Instagram that the car had returned safely to the outside and was no longer in the house.
She posted a photo on Instagram in which she sat in the living room looking at the car outside.
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