Ceramic handles science repairing adhesive how to use?

by:DIgao     2020-07-29
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ceramic handles science repairing adhesive application to remove loose substrate material, the sand blasting, grinding wheel, wire brush or sandpaper and grinding, to improve the surface roughness, repair using acetone cleaner is wiped, to clean surface.
repairing adhesive is composed of A and B A two-component, when used in accordance with the provisions of the mixture ratio of main agent and curing agent B mix until uniform color, and within the prescribed time for use are used up, the rest of the glue cannot reoccupy.

will mix good repairing adhesive wear on the processed surface of the substrate, paint applied force uniform, repeated pressure, ensure material in contact with the substrate surface fully, in order to achieve the best effect. Need to multilayer coating, need to deal with the original coating surface after blotted out.
this is ceramic handles science repairing adhesive is introduced.
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