And constantly improve the function of the locks

by:DIgao     2020-06-14
With the development of electronic technology, the life, the use function of lock constantly improve, but as the main body of the mechanical parts will exist forever. Lock industry, therefore, not only to study the application of new technologies, and to study the traditional mechanical lock body constantly change. Advances in technology, locks in innovation, locks as necessities of life, security lock the patron saint of round cakes, although the market has been quite mature now, but will be a foreseeable don't fall of the industry, has a home will be a door, a door will be locked. In the late 80 s, really lock industry ushered in the new period of development, developed to meet the need of other industry development and people's life aesthetically pleasing, mechanical and electrical integration of rectangular lock stainless steel lock, can be used for the hotel classification management, which has the function of 'black box' magnetic card, TC card, TM card lock, etc advanced smart locks. With the development of science and technology, especially microelectronics biological the wide application of information technology in all walks of life, make the lock industry is moving toward the direction of high technical content, security, confidentiality is strong. Lock the purpose and scope expands unceasingly, also it is forcing people to attach importance to lock the development of production, at the same time, people in many invention makes building lock locks on began to prosper, made a positive contribution to social civilization lock history dating back to the wooden locks are more than 5000 years ago, after centuries of development, in the long years, with the continuous development of human society progress. China's current production of locks series products mainly include the padlock, spherical locks, motorcycle locks, bicycle industry to use stainless steel lock, car lock, train lock, the lock for the hotel, thousands of kinds of breed of design and color, make up the existing lock system in our country. This system expands unceasingly, also in slowly and constantly tend to be more perfect.
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