10-unit redevelopment proposed for former home hardware in stratford

by:DIgao     2020-06-23
After sitting empty for more than two years, there was finally a plan for the front Home Hardware in P StratfordE. I.
Stratford Town Council initially approved the application of firmSable Arc Studios, a Charlottetown construction company, to re-develop the property located at kinlock rd 14.
The renovation will include a full redesign of the exterior and interior of the building to become a 10-
Commercial real estate.
Mayor David Dunphy said residents were sad to see Stella\'s former home hardware company sit down at Stella\'s empty home hardware company.
\"This is a property located in a key location of the town, located in the center of the town, is a high
There is a lot of traffic area in the parking lot, and of course there is a large building that can be used.
\"The town has been looking for potential new owners since Home Hardware closed doors before Christmas in 2015, affecting 60 employees. VancoFarms Ltd.
Last spring, the property was close to buying, but pulled out of potential deals due to legal disputes involving home hardware and developer Tim Banks.
Legal disputes continue.
Now, the sister company Tangible Capital company of Vanco
Has agreed for a long time
A long-term lease agreement with Home Hardware eventually owns the building.
Robert Haggis, chief architect at Sable Arc Studios, said that the proportion of the building between 50 and 60 had been applied, with plans to include two large tenants.
He said that the conceptual plan developed to obtain initial approval from Stratford could change depending on the needs of the tenants.
Construction is expected to begin in the summer, including a full renovation of the building and additional parking.
\"I am very excited to see this,\" he said . \".
\"In addition to being given a fairly complex project because of the many moving parts, it\'s also a good thing to be part of my child who can experience and drive to strafu school every day.
\"The Town of Stratford has grown rapidly in recent years and needs more commercial space,\" said dunfi.
\"We believe that Stratford needs additional business development, and we believe that it will certainly help to drive that development and achieve that, hopefully it will be a catalyst for further development, said Deng Fei.
Sable Arc studios will now work more with tenants to understand their needs for construction and then provide more detailed site planning information to the town.
These plans need to be reviewed by town staff before development permits are issued. MORE P. E. I.
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